National 4-H Community
ATV Safety Program
Resource Materials
Distribution List

"Safety Tips For The ATV Rider" Brochure
Maximum Order: 150*

ATV Safety Coloring and Activity Book
Maximum Order: 100*

ATV Safety Handouts
Maximum Order: 25*

ATV Safety Display Board
Available on loan free of charge.  Time Rate:  NOT longer than one month's time unless agreed to in advance.

ATV Safety Rider Handbook and 4-H Group Project Manual:
Maximum order: 25*  This set has a charge of $1 per set.  We will provide a purchase order with a billing form upon request.


*Shipping and handling charges will be billed to the recipient on any order consisting of more than 250 items.  National 4-H Council will pay shipping and handling for the delivery of the display board.  Return postage fees must be paid by the recipient.

 Effective January 1, 2001


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