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What is a Content Block?
A Web site consists of several pages. Each page is made up of one or more blocks of content. For example, the home page of the sample Web site installed with Ektron CMS400.NET is below.
After you sign in, notice that, as you move the cursor, colored borders appears around one or more areas of the page. Each surrounded area is content that can be edited independently. The border disappears when you move the cursor out of the area. Your system administrator controls the design of each page and determines where the content appears.
The colored borders appear when you are not in site preview mode. See Also: Site Preview. Also, your administrator can set up your system so that the borders always appear on a page, instead of appearing only when you move the mouse over them.
The advantage of this feature is that you can see a Web page as it will appear to site visitors. Continue editing until you are satisfied with its appearance.
To learn what the border color indicates, see Appendix A: Content Statuses.

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