Introduction to Ektron CMS400.NET : What is a Content Block? : Editing Content

Editing Content
Finding Content
Much of your work involves editing existing content or creating new content. Ektron CMS400.NET provides three methods for finding content to be updated. You can use whichever method is easiest.
Find the content through the Workarea, which resembles Windows Explorer and helps you find content by navigating through a folder tree. See Also: The Workarea and Smart Desktop
Use the Search button (), which appears on many screens. When clicked, a screen prompts you to enter keywords and then finds content containing the keywords.
The Editing Process
After you find content, click the Edit button () to open it in an editor. Below is an example of content within the editor.
The editor resembles popular word processing software. You can enter text, then select it and click a button to change its display properties. For example, you can make text bold, change the color, or copy and paste it. You can also insert images, tables, links to other Web pages, and check spelling,

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