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Want to help others learn more about ATV safety?

Spread the word! Real friends help friends ride safe!

About ASI (PDF)

Learn about the ATV Training Institute and the programs offered for ATV enthusiasts.

Become a Better Rider (PDF)

Learn more about the ATV Safety RiderCourse--improve riding skills, build confidence, get kids started right!

Golden Rules (PDF)

Learn about the ATV Safety Training Course and the ATV Safety Training Institute's Golden Rules.

ATV Rider Training Factsheet (PDF)

See the impact that ATV Rider Training has had and get information on how you can sign up for the rider training nearest you.

New Standards for Youth-Model ATVs (PDF)

Read about the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved standards for ATVs developed by SVIA. This latest version includes expanded youth-model categories and a new "Transition" category to provide a wider array of ATV sizes and capabilities teamed with important safety features.

Try Before You Buy (PDF)

Learn about ATV Safety Institute's "Try Before You Buy" program. You can enroll in the ATV RiderCourse before making a purchase. Experience the fun of ATVs and increase safety awareness while practicing basic riding skills – all under the watchful eye of a licensed ATV Safety Institute (ASI) Instructor.

Parents, Youngsters and All-Terrain Vehicles (PDF)

It is important for parents to help their youngsters understand and follow the instructions and warnings in the ATV’s owner’s manual and on its labels. This booklet contains additional information and guidelines that can help make ATV riding a safe and enjoyable family experience.

Tips and Practice Guide for the All-Terrain Vehicle Rider (PDF)

It is important to carefully read and follow the instructions and warnings in the ATV’s owner’s manual and on its labels. ATVs handle differently from other vehicles such as motorcycles and cars. Proper instruction and practice are important. This booklet contains helpful tips and practices for safe and fun ATV riding.

Model State All-Terrain Vehicle Legislation (PDF)

Read the definitions and guidelines for ATVs as outlined by the Model State All-Terrain Vehicle Legislation.

State All-Terrain Vehicle Requirements (PDF)

This chart outlines the licensing, equipment, age and other requirements as determined by each state.

SVIA Model State ATV Legislation Summary (PDF)

Read a summary of the education and training requirements, age restrictions, equipment requirements and other provisions from the SVIA Model State ATV Legislation.


Brothers Kyle Massey (star of Disney’s “Cory in the House”) and Chris Massey (star of Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101”) are longtime ATV riders! Along with their mom they bring tremendous energy and great humor to the serious topic of ATV Safety.

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Resources and Documents

This website has information and fun for everyone interested in learning about ATV safety. Play the Tread-Sylvania game while learning key tips on riding safely. Additional games and quizzes are fun for younger youth. Visit the ATV Safety Institute’s on-line E-Course and receive a certificate for completing the class.

The lead provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) affecting youth model ATVs for ages 12 and under was lifted in August, 2011. Youth ATV models are available once again. Be sure that all youth 16 and under operate and ride the appropriate sized ATV. Follow the warning label on the ATV. This site provides links to State and National resource sites to find out about state and national laws, and other resources.
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