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About this website

ATVs are popular among youth and adults for recreation and for utility use. They can be useful for work and fun to ride, but they can also be dangerous if the rider doesn’t operate the ATV safely. Understanding the right way to safely ride the right-sized ATV for you is important before you ride. This website is a place where you can learn about ATVs, watch videos about ATVs, find out what size ATV you should ride, and play games and take quizzes to help you find out how much you know about ATV safety.

Even if you’ve learned everything you can from this website, before you get on an ATV it’s important to take an
 ATV RiderCourse. The ASI website can also connect you to information about what size ATV you should ride if you’re under 16. This website provides useful information but it is not a substitute for certified training.

Make every ATV ride a safe ride!

Attention Parents and Adult Leaders of ATV Riders and Future Riders

This site includes resources for adults who want to teach young people about ATV Safety using the 4-H ATV Safety program. The 4-H ATV Safety program was designed to provide you with curriculum and materials to help you develop or enhance safety programs in your community. The 4-H ATV Safety program helps young people, parents, caregivers, and other community members work together to ensure that every ATV ride is a safe ride. Parents and other adults have a lot of power when they work with young people to support their safe behaviors while riding ATVs. They need to exercise that power by directly supervising and educating young riders.

National 4-H Council thanks the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and the ATV Safety Institute (ASI), for supporting the 4-H ATV Safety program.

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