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Regional Training Workshop Information

The 4-H Community ATV Safety Program, which has been in existence for over 10 years, held its 2002 workshops in Las Vegas, NV; Lexington, KY; Anchorage, AK; Memphis, TN; Fort Collins, CO; Bemidji, MN; and Chestertown, MD.

The 4-H Community ATV Safety Program workshops are designed to help communities or groups build an ATV safety training program in their area. The training covers ATV safety training concepts, meeting facilitation skills, youth/adult partnership training, grant writing, and strategic planning. At the conclusion of the workshops, teams are encouraged to apply for grants made available from National 4-H Council to implement an ATV safety training program. Teams should comprise of both youth and adults. Being a member of 4-H is not required. All interested teams are encouraged to apply for the workshops.

National 4-H Council covers all local costs once participants arrive at the workshops and 50% of long distance travel costs (participants are responsible for the remaining 50%).

No workshops are planned for 2003 at this time. Check back in the future for more information about an updated workshop schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact Gerrit Shuffstall at 301/961-2869 or [email protected].

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